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Company Overview

SD Trading strives to bring the world new types of sustainable and compostable disposables. It’s our strong believe the world is ready for new ways of looking at sustainable products and sustainability in general. Sustainability empowers long-term philosophy and transparency and it makes us aware of the environment and energy use. Besides that it’s the new way of becoming successful and to distinguish oneself.

“Our disposable products are entirely made of natural material and thereby not comparable with disposable products made from plastic or cardboard. Moreover, all our products are compostable. As a consequence thereof our products fall outside the regular IFS and BRC tests for disposable products. Nevertheless we have our products tested by professional agencies with regard to certain “food contact” requirements and biodegradability.”

Next to the first sustainable design disposable in the world “WASARA”, Hampi The Premium Palmplate, SD Trading will launch more product lines in the near future. Furthermore SD Trading is able to develop sustainable design disposable solutions for  both Airlines as Cruise lines where design and sustainability is as important as the weight of the product.

SD stands for Sustainable Disposables and that’s exactly what the company is all about. SD Trading trades sustainable disposables. We distribute, import, export, produce and develop sustainable disposables for mainly the hospitality, aviation and consumer markets.

SD Trading wants to become the world’s best known trading company for sustainable disposables.
By combining design and sustainability we promise you Single Use, Lasting Experience.

All our products come with an authentic experience, we measure our success by the positive impact we have. It’s our pleasure to not only bring the market the best products but also keep innovating these and share our knowledge with you. Frankness in all what we do is just the least we can do – This is what we value!

Because you don’t have to use ugly and environmentally unfriendly tableware – that’s why we do it!

Our Values


All products by SD Trading are being produced in a sustainable way, conscious of the environment and prepared to be 100% cradle to cradle in the future.
All products of SD Trading are being produced of compostable and bio-degradable materials for which we do not distract components of the food chain.


SD Trading and her employees and management are being transparent to all clients, partners and other stakeholders in terms of pricing, production and strategy. We stand for what we do, who we are and where we want to go to.


SD Trading likes to surprise and therefore we bring the world the most innovative disposable product lines there are and we’ll  bring a smile on your face.
SD Trading aims at becoming the global  frontrunner company for distributing and developing innovative disposable product lines.

Our Team

Thomas KaschaThomas Kascha
Sales Director

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Bart Voorvaart

Bart Voorvaart
Business Development

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Tess Schuurman-Visser

Tess Schuurman-Visser
Operations Manager

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Patrick MenegattoPatrick Menegatto
Online Media Manager

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Tirsa van DiemenTirsa van Diemen
Marketing Trainee

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Why us? Why use Sustainable Disposables?

Save money

  • Save money on Serving Staff
  • Save money on Kitchen Staff
  • Save money on cleaning
  • Save money on logistics
  • Save money on transport
  • Only pay what you use
  • Same price as rental porcelain
  • Save money on menu engineering

Less staff will be needed to handle the lightweight compact disposables as well in service as in the kitchen. Stewarding staff and or even (rental) dishwashing facilities won’t be necessary.  Also the logistics and transport won’t be expensive or hard, even plates for a party of 1000 could be transported, carried around and handled by one person only. The price is at minimal equal to porcelain if not better priced but this time you won’t pay what you don’t use. The multiple sized references let chefs choose that plate that presents there carefully calculated dishes the best.

Save the environment

  • Sustainable production (no waste)
  • Saving water
  • Made out of renewable sources
  • Made out of waste material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable or compostable

Sustainability of a product starts at the production. It means no waste, reuse of water, fair wages, good working circumstances, use of renewable sources, efficient use of all resources and more. All our products are made out of waste material, we literally borrow this material  from mother Earth. After use its biodegradability and even compostability  makes sure it will be given back to Earth instead of increasing the pollution.

Practical in use

  • Compact packages
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and firm
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Combi steam safe

All our products are practical in use and designed to help and support the chef. The products are smartly packed, compact and lightweight. The products itself are strong and firm and are able to carry the gastronomic masterpieces without any problem. The sugar cane material can be used as well in the microwave as in combi-steam  ovens. Mise en place can be done in the quiet hours while heating up meals could be done on location. The products will hold liquids  for at least 48 hours. Also the use in freezer won’t be any problem. 

Lasting experience

  • Astonishing design
  • Award winning
  • Smart design
  • The NR1 choice of Michelin star Chefs
  • Brings a story to the table

Our products are the most awarded disposables in the world. Both our sugar cane as our palm plate products have not only won several (inter)national design awards, they featured in museums and exhibitions all around the world. WASARA was also one of the 80 nominees of the Index Award, the most prestigious award in the world and supported by the His Highness the  Danish Crown Prince.  It won’t come as a surprise that our products are the number 1 choice of Michelin star chefs , the smart and astonishing design let’s their culinary  art outshine.

Our products tell a story, our promise: Single Use lasting Experience