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About SD Trading

Our Story

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Our story began with a need to make a difference and to engage others to do the same.

We have created a green alternative to paper, plastic and all other tableware, even porcelain and silver – challenging the status quo of tableware within the hospitality and foodservice industry – changing the perception of disposable tableware and prove that sustainability can be sexy!

We run our own production to be able to track every move and to carefully select the best procedures. Not only can we ensure both environmental and social sustainability, it also enables us to meet your specific wishes. Together we can lead the change towards a sustainable and cool lifestyle.


We want to offer amazing, green alternative tableware to provide for a cleaner and more beautiful world while connecting people and creating lasting experiences.


Sustainability is a necessity, but should not be a burden. Why not use it to make life easier?

We are combining our experiences with the wishes of chefs and the feedback of our partners and clients to develop top notch design tableware that is sustainable and practical at the same time. Not only does this decrease the negative impact on the environment, it also makes arranging an event less stressful and more fun – whether big or small, private or professional.


We are constantly developing our products and expanding our range to keep meeting different needs, wants and demands. We want to offer you the #1 Green Alternative with premium quality and great design that will outshine all other disposables, even porcelain, in addition it has unlimited convenience.

Using compostable tableware will enhance both your and your guest’s experiences. The plates are made from natural materials and boast a great design that turns your dishes into real culinary masterpieces. We offer you the resources to change your ways and create lasting experiences instead of trash.

These are the main advantages of our products:

Sustainable = Smart

Together we can lead the change…

  • made from natural waste material
  • zero-waste production methods
  • water conservation
  • fair & safe labor conditions
  • 7 times less negative environmental impact than porcelain
  • compostable

Practical & Strong

Simple, lightweight and elegantly strong…

  • functional and sturdy
  • lightweight
  • microwave safe
  • freezer safe
  • steam oven safe

Save Money

The cost effective and flexible option…

  • save manpower, time and energy
  • no washing nor handling breakables
  • comparable price to porcelain rental
  • cut down on transportation costs
  • only buy what you use

Lasting Experience

Single use, lasting Experience…

  • eye-catching design
  • world-class presentation
  • #1 choice of Michelin star chefs
  • memorable experiences

The #1 GREEN Solution for Events

It’s OK to be bio…

  • consistent style
  • sustainability can be sexy!
  • special event policy
  • no middleman
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Our Key People:

Thomas Kascha / Sales Director

Thomas Kascha / Sales Director

Thomas is a sharp and quick thinker and an ambitious person who perseveres in his quest to make the world a “greener” place. He has a keen eye for the latest trends and innovations, in particular in the hospitality sector, and knows how to ride the social wave to make his views known.
At such he is a great entrepreneur who is able to get the best out of his people and surroundings. Finally, he is fun to be with and always has a nice word for people around him, Thomas is responsible for Global Sales and product development.

Bart Voorvaart SD Trading

Bart Voorvaart / Business Development

Bart is an outstanding dealmaker and a true entrepreneur. The high level on which Bart operates and employs his skills make him a unique business person whose insights are of great importance to both SD Trading & Natural Tableware as well as our clients and suppliers.
His sense of humor makes it great fun to do business with Bart. He is truly open-minded and accessible for anyone who needs his assistance or advice, at such the ideal man to run Business Development.

Sanne Oomen SD Trading

Sanne Oomen / Online Media Manager

Sanne has the unique ability to combine creativity with normal business sense. Sanne understands that it is not about what companies do but about why they are doing this. By getting the genuine and exciting story on the table she watches over the online reputation. Sanne is responsible for all online and social media of SD Trading and Natural Tableware


Patricia Val / Business Development

Patricia is our Spanish power house. She’s very well connected throughout Spain. The love for fine food and hospitality comes natural to her. Her energetic working approach is contagious and warns us not to weaken for a moment. Within SD Trading Patricia is responsible for the South European market.


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Sustainable Disposables Trading BV (SD Trading) is the premier producer and supplier of sustainable disposable tableware in Europe. Our products offer unrivaled design with elegant bagasse (sugar cane fiber) plates and bowls, a broad range of palm leaf tableware and natural wood cutlery we put plastic to shame! Try a meal served on our compostable plates and experience the difference.

Our sustainable disposable tableware are convenient and cost efficient with superb quality made from organic waste materials that are merely borrowed from Earth and can return to what it once came after use.

SD Trading only offers fully compostable tableware that cannot not be compared with recycled and bio plastic products. We operate under fair and safe working conditions and our products have been tested and approved by professional agencies with regards to food contact requirements and biodegradability.

We combine sustainability with style and functionality providing chefs and food lovers all over Europe with the best disposable tableware out there.

As we say “Single use, Lasting experience”